For Fiberglass Pool & Concrete Pool

Waking is a leading LED swimming pool light manufacturer. We can provide various LED lights for swimming pools, landscape pools, fountains, etc. We are committed to delivering high-quality and energy-efficient pool lighting solutions for commercial pools. As soon as you need underwater LED lights, you will find the right one in Waking. We offer our customers the most competitive swimming pool light price, and we will provide additional discounts if you need LED swimming pool lights in bulk.

What are the advantages of LED swimming pool lights?

For fiberglass pools, people often choose LED lights because they save energy and last a long time. Underwater LED lights come in different colors so you can change the look of your pool.

Concrete pools have more choices for lighting because they are bigger and have more features.

When you pick lights for your pool, it is important to think about the size of the pool, what kind of swimming pool lighting you want, and what you want it to look like. A professional can help you choose the best swimming pool lights for you. Good lighting can make your pool look nicer and keep it safe.

● Lights from ABS Series

Underwater pool lights from the ABS series or made of fiberglass are ideal for these types of pools. Fiberglass is strong, light and can withstand the elements, making it good for outdoor use. Another choice for lighting concrete pools is concrete pool lighting. For building swimming pools, concrete is a reliable and robust material. Fiberglass provides a sturdy base for installing pool LED lights to light up the pool deck and water. The lights can be put during pool building or because they are made to fit into the pool’s walls. The advantages are many, regardless of the sort of pool lighting you select. These pool LED lights make your pool seem stunning and offer a safer environment for swimming. By making your pool a more appealing and entertaining area, they help raise its total worth. You may have a well-lit, beautiful, and secure pool for many years to come if you make the proper decision.

● Lights from Stainless Steel Series

The stainless steel series is the best swimming pool lighting solution for both concrete and fiberglass pools. These lights’ use of superior stainless steel ensures their durability and longevity. It is ideal for use in moist and humid environments because the stainless steel casing prevents corrosion. Finding the ideal light for your pool is simple with the series’ wide selection of sizes. The stainless steel series lights light up the whole pool area. They are easy to install and maintain, keeping the pool looking good with minimal effort. The stainless steel lights save energy and give bright pool lighting. They are good for both fiberglass and concrete pools and are durable and long-lasting. Upgrade your swimming pool lighting today with the stainless steel series to have efficient, beautiful lighting that lasts a long time.


How to install LED swimming pool lights?

Here is a 12v pool light wiring diagram, and the LED swimming pool light installation process is as follows:

12v Pool Light wiring diagram

Steps of Installing Pool Lights

  1. Turn off the power supply: Before you start any electrical work, it’s important to disconnect the power supply fromthe swimming pool. Most of the time, you can do this at the circuit breaker.
  2. Gather necessary tools: Make sure you have all the necessary tools for the pool light installation process. These may include a screwdriver, a drill, a wire stripper, and waterproof connectors.
  3. Prepare the Waking LED swimming pool light on hand.
  4. Install the light fixture.
  5. Run the electrical cable: Run the electrical cable from the light fixture to the power source. The cable’s connections to the power source and the light fixture should be sealed with watertight connectors.
  6. Test the light: After you’ve finished installing the pool light, you should turn the power back on and give it a test to make sure it’s functioning correctly. If there are any issues, turn off the power and troubleshoot the problem.
  7. Finish the installation: Once you’re satisfied with the installation and the light is working properly, seal the hole with waterproof sealant.