Top 10 Underwater Light Manufacturers in the World

LED underwater lights have various applications. The installation of underwater LED lights improves safety and beauty. Underwater LED lights are obviously necessary for any swimming pools, landscape pools, fountains, etc. Maybe some of you are looking for reliable underwater light manufacturers but don’t know how to find the best pool light or other underwater light manufacturers.

To answer this question, who is the best underwater light manufacturer? We listed the top 10 competitive underwater light manufacturers with strength in the world in 2023. Now, let’s dive into the 10 underwater light manufacturers!

1. Wakingpools

Waking is an underwater pool light manufacturer and the largest underwater light supplier from China. Its company is located in Guangdong Province, which has China’s most complete foreign trade industry and many top ports for international business, such as the Port of Shenzhen and the Port of Guangzhou. Due to this, Waking has grown into the leading swimming pool light manufacturer.

Waking has set up full product lines. Its products range from LED swimming pool lights, LED fountain lights, and LED spotlights to LED marine lights. They supply nearly all the different types of underwater LED lights. According to the type of pools, they supply LED lights for concrete pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. In terms of underwater light installation methods, they supply wall-mounted LED pool lights and recessed pool lights. When it comes to color, they supply color-changing pool lights. If you source wholesale pool lights from Waking, it will extremely save you time because they have full products, especially pool light bulb replacement and pool light transformers.


Waking lights are certificated by CE, RoHS, ISO, CB, and IP68. Therefore, Waking’s underwater lights have been sold worldwide. If you need wholesale underwater lights, Waking company is your top choice!

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2. Hayward-Pool

Hayward is one of the world’s most famous pool light brands and underwater light manufacturers. They have over 80-year experience in pool product manufacturing. Their headquarters is located in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, US, and has many overseas branches. So Hayward’s products are sold worldwide.

Hayward’s major products are pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, pool cleaners, LED pool lights, etc. In Hayward, you can find any pool equipment that you need.

According to the pool lights application, their pool products are divided into residential and commercial.

If you are looking for swimming pool lighting manufacturers who can also provide other pool equipment, you can consider Hayward.

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3. Pentair

Pentair is an American company founded in Minnesota in 1966. After five decades of development, Pentair owns 11,250 work staff. As leading underwater light manufacturers along with Hayward, Pentair’s pool products also divide into residential and commercial. However, underwater lights only take a small account of Pentair’s products. Though pool light options are limited, you can buy all other pool equipment in Pentair.

Pentair pool products are high-quality and advanced in pool technologies. They will help you improve your pool in safety and aesthetics. Around the world, there are so many pool light manufacturers. Pentair must be the top one. Pentair plays a really important role in the pool products industry. If you plan to buy some new pool lights for your home pool, you can search for Pentair pool lights on Amazon or go to their website to find pool lights. If you are a contractor looking for wholesale pool lights, contact their sales, and they will customize pool lights for your unique requirement.



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4. Aqua Idea

Compared with Hayward and Pentair, Aqua Idea is somewhat young. Aqua Idea was established in 1999. From the beginning of its establishment, Aqua Idea has been committed to underwater lighting for aquariums, spas, and swimming pools.

Besides all of that, Aqua Idea is one of the professional LED underwater fountain lights manufacturers. They provide a variety of fountain lights. Also, they supply LED strip lights and marine lights.

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5. Potent Water Care Pvt. Ltd

Potent Water Care is one of the best pool light brands in India. This pool light company was founded in 2002. Due to its excellent quality and good pool light manufacturing and design, it has become a leading under light manufacturer in India. Today, Potent Water Care offers so many services, such as whole pool lights and OEM work.

Their products all achieved ISO and CE certifications. Now, let’s see what types of products they provide!

  • Swimming pool lights: Potent Water Care provides stainless steel LED lights, plastic underwater LED lights, wall-mounted pool lights, etc.
  • Swimming pool equipment: there are more than ten types of swimming pool equipment, such as cleaners, swimming pool tiles, flexible hose pipes, etc. Nearly all swimming pool equipment can be found in their company.
  • Swimming pool: Yes, you read that right. This company can produce swimming pools. But their swimming pools are prefabricated ones. If you want to own your swimming with a small budget, you can book one from this company. Tell them the swimming pool’s color, shape, size, material, and budget, and they will recommend the most suitable one for you.


Therefore, Potent Water Care is a good choice if you plan to import underwater lights in bulk from India.



6. Jandy

Jandy is one of the biggest pool product manufacturers in North America. Their pool products include commercial and residential ones. For commercial and residential series, they offer many options in pool light installation methods, pool light materials, colors, etc. However, pool lights are not their major products. That is because Jandy is good at manufacturing all pool products, so Jandy has complete product lines, from small pool accessories to big pool light equipment.

Along with unmatched product quality, Jandy’s products are a little expensive. If you are a person who pursues high quality, Jandy is your top choice!

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7. Magline Pools

Magline Pools is an underwater light manufacturer belonging to a company whose full name is DGM Water Smith’s Consultancy Privacy Limited. Mahline Pools was established in 2007, with headquarters in India. Their swimming pool products are featured at economical prices. This underwater light manufacturer simply produces RGB pool lights with other basic colors. Although the options are limited, they commit to all their underwater lights meeting IP68 waterproof standards. At the same time, they support a 1-year warranty.

Besides underwater lights, they produce swimming pool pumps and other accessories. So, if you are looking for economical swimming pool products, you can consider Magline Pools.

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ASTEL LIGHTING was launched in 2009 as a new brand of ASTEL d.o.o. Company. This company is headquartered in Slovenia and has many branches in other regions, such as the UK, the US, Africa, the Middle East, etc. Their new brand is committed to standing out from marine lighting manufacturers. Different from previous underwater light manufacturers, ASTEL only focuses on LED light manufacturing and doesn’t sell other pool products. ASTEL LED lights range from pool LED lights and Fountain LED lights to path LED lights, wall LED lights, and many other types of lights.

The biggest advantage of ASTEL LIGHTING is the many different types of LED lights. They provide interior LED lights and outdoor LED lights with many applications. The disadvantage of ASTEL LIGHTING is that there are few options. Even though there are many LED lights, few products are under every series. On top of that, ASTEL LIGHTING is a reliable underwater light manufacturer.

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BLURAIN is an LED fountain light supplier from India. It is a professional fountain light manufacturer specializing in fountain lights and nozzle manufacturing. Besides fountain lights, this company provides pool lights, swimming pool products, and landscape garden lights. This company mainly works with big customers who need bulk products. They also provide design and consultancy services for building landscapes or gold irrigation systems. From this, we see BLURAIN is really professional in the underwater light industry.

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10. Now lighting

Now lighting is one of the most excellent LED spot light suppliers based in the UK. They supply outdoor spot lights used in landscapes and gardens. Different from all the previous nine companies, this company works for spot light supplies and many other light supplies. They mainly serve individual buyers, so they cooperate with many underwater light manufacturers to provide consumers with the most options. All the products are in stock. But now, they simply ship within the UK mainland.

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This blog introduces ten reliable underwater light manufacturers and suppliers. At last, we sincerely recommend our company – Waking again. Waking is a professional underwater light manufacturer from Guangdong Province, China. All our underwater LED lights achieve CE, RoHS, ISO, CB, and IP68 certifications. We supply pools, fountains, spas, and many other LED lights for different applications. Moreover, we deliver OEM service. Choose us, and we will make the best underwater lights for you!

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