The biennial Piscine Global Europe was held in Eurexpo, Lyon, France.

The biennial Piscine Global Europe was held in Eurexpo, Lyon, France.
Nearly 600 exhibitors from more than 30 countries participated in the exhibition with more than 28,000 square meters, which offers exhibitors ample opportunity to learn about exhibitors’ products.

Piscine Global Europe is an important springboard for innovative companies in the pool and health sector and a unique opportunity for customers to discover the latest innovations in the market.

There is a saying that everyone has an expertise in a certain industry. Guangzhou Waking is quite well-known in the swimming pool light industry. Like the EU LED lighting industry technology development in the world’s leading position, Waking combines Western technology with the actual needs of the market, strives to do a good customer-demand products to make the intelligent lighting system more popular and makes great contributions to “Made in China”.

A total of more than 30 models of underwater light were exhibited at the exhibition, especially the new products such as HJ8050, HJ8051 and HJ8052, which attracted many customers. Many of them place orders directly at the exhibition spot.

In addition to the great highlights in technology, workmanship and materials, the innovation of intelligent lighting system equipment on HJ8050, HJ8051 and HJ8052 is more significant. The WIFI control box is based on the controller of the traditional radio frequency technology, and was born in response to market demand and customer needs. It is a control box that integrates the latest WIFI technology on the market. One can control the lights by mobile device (on/off lights, adjusting light brightness, setting lighting effects modes, customizing, timers). The control box has 30 kinds of light change modes, 100 meters of barrier-free remote control distance, and 100% synchronization effect, which makes the control of LED lamps more convenient and more user-friendly. By installing the APP with a mobile device that already has an Android system or IOS system installed, you can remotely control the LED fixtures, which is exactly what every customer wants! The use of WIFI technology can make our control scope wider, and can break away from the constraints of narrow space.

The distance controlled indoors is 50 meters, and the distance controlled outdoors is more than 100 meters. This WIFI control box can also receive/issue DMX512 signals for long-distance synchronization.

All good things will come to an end. Although it is only a short four days, fortunately, we have met many new partners and learnt a lot of advanced scientific and technological knowledge. We believe that Waking’s products will be more technological, intelligent, user-friendly more user-friendly and more compatible with actual needs of the users and market!

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