How to Turn on Pool Lights?

Can’t turn on the underwater pool lights? Installed LED pool lights but didn’t know how to switch the lights? It is believed that most pool owners have had similar experiences, and these issues are exactly what pool light buyers are worried about.

So how do we avoid this from happening? Or is there any other way to turn on the pool lights or change the underwater lighting? This article will introduce the swimming pool light switch, Waking pool light switch, and lighting control method. Waking provides you with various swimming pool light control solutions. Come and click to learn more swimming pool knowledge.

First of all, let’s take a look at the swimming pool light switches on the market.

4 Types of the pool light switch

  1. Single Pole Switches

This swimming pool light switch is the same as the common light switch. It is very simple. You just need to press up and down to turn on and off the light.

Working principle of the single pole pool light switch:

  • There are one or more electronic contacts in the switch. The “closed” contact means that it allows current to flow. The “open” of the switch means that no current flows past.

The downside of this switch is that it doesn’t control the lights; even if it does, there are very few options to choose from. If you have high requirements for lighting, you can ask the seller if there are other control methods for pool lights when you buy pool lights.

  1. Rotary Switches

Rotary switches are also a very common control method. You may see it on radios, fans, microwave ovens in your home, and rotary switches in various electrical appliances.

Working principle of the rotary pool light switch:

  • The rotary switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the main contact by rotating the handle.

The rotary switch that controls the pool light can adjust the brightness of the pool light. This switch is similar to the traditional switch, except that the rotary switch is more flexible than the traditional switch in adjusting the brightness of the light.

Swimming pool lights and controllers are indispensable. With the improvement of swimming pool light design and manufacturing process, swimming pool lights have been constantly updated. After the old-fashioned pool lights can’t meet people’s requirements for the lamps’ brightness, durability, and color, suppliers will launch lights with better performance to cater to consumers. As a result, swimming pool lights of various materials have appeared on the market. Swimming pool lights have also completed the replacement from lamps made of plastic and incandescent lamps to LED swimming pool lights made of stainless steel, high-quality plastic, and LED bulbs. There will be new swimming pool light switches if there are new swimming pool lights. As a result, various pool light controllers appeared on the market.

  1. Synchronous controller control

There are various types of controllers on the market, which can be divided into the synchronous and remote control in terms of distance. The sync controller needs to be connected to the LED pool light. There are many buttons on the sync controller. Users can choose their favorite brightness, color, and different colors-changing according to frequency.

  1. Remote control

The remote controller has a remote control and WIFI control.

  • Remote control

The function of the swimming pool light remote control is the same as that of the synchronous controller. Still, wires do not need to connect the remote control to the underwater light. You can debug the LED underwater light while sitting at home without going out. Although the pool light remote control is more convenient, it is to hide and seek with you sometimes. When you want to use the remote to turn on the lights and can’t find the remote, if you still want to swim, you must go out and sync the controller with the LED pool light.

  • WIFI control

Connect the pool light and smart device via WIFI or Bluetooth.

With the continuous development of technology, the Internet of Things technology is applied in the industry and in every home. The concept of a smart home has also emerged. People can use mobile phones to connect home appliances. For example, they can use their mobile phones to turn on electrical appliances such as air conditioners when they get off work. Use your phone to find options for lights and curtains; with a single click, the lights and curtains will automatically turn off. Many electrical appliances can be connected to mobile phones, and LED swimming pool lights are no exception. After purchasing the LED swimming pool light, download the APP provided by the manufacturer on the mobile phone or tablet. Then you can control the swimming pool light remotely. The mobile phone will not forget where to put it after a long time like the remote control, so it is very convenient.

Since traditional swimming pool light switches and rotary switches cannot meet people’s diverse needs, synchronous controllers and remote controllers come later. They occupy most of the underwater swimming pool light controller market.

The above are the four switching methods that have appeared in the development history of swimming pool lights. Let’s look at the three control methods for Waking swimming pool lights.

3 Waking pool light controllers

  1. Waking Synchronization Controller

Waking Sync Controller is designed for a touch panel; you can switch, change color, change lighting mode, etc., with just a few clicks. Some Sync Controller screens also have color rings that allow for more precise color selection.

For example, HJ0030M synchronous controller.

HJ-0030W is a full touch panel with a touch handle and supports the mobile remote operation.

The controller is made of high-quality PC and tempered glass full touch panel.

Features: 7 static light colors, 5 light changing modes, 10 speeds, 30 meters wireless remote control distance in the open area, support for remote operation of mobile phones and tablets, rated power 250w, input AC12V.

  1. Waking remote control swimming pool light switch

What if you want to turn on only one light? At this time, a single remote control comes in handy. A single remote control switch can realize 1-to-1 control of swimming pool lights, allowing you to control the effect of LED underwater lights as you like.

Features: Suitable for small swimming pools, can control a single light 1 to 1, or take into account multiple lights (less than 4); built-in antenna, the wireless remote control distance of 30 meters in the open area, made of high-quality PC and silicone, long service life long.

  1. APP control

Connecting the lamp to the mobile phone and iPad in the WIFI state by downloading the APP to realize remote control. Choose any color and lighting mode directly on the color wheel of your phone or tablet.

Features: 50 meters radius remote control distance.

Waking provides you with a variety of swimming pool light control solutions. You can click on our website to find the swimming pool products that suit you.

Pool knowledge

  1. Why can’t the pool light be turned on?

In the previous article, we talked about the problem of the broken swimming pool light, the broken swimming pool light bulb and how to replace them. Today we will look at the problem that the swimming pool light cannot be turned on due to the controller’s failure. There are many reasons why the swimming pool light cannot be turned on.

The remote control is the most prone to failure among the three control methods. As long as it is an electronic product, it is inevitable that the control failure will occur. Reasons for the remote control failure may be:

The remote control is too far from the sync controller, the battery in the remote control is dead, and there is an obstacle between the remote control and the pool light controller box.

  • It has a long distance between the remote control and the sync controller.

Like other home remote controls, the remote controls have a certain range. When you exceed the range limited by the remote control, the control signal of the remote control cannot be transmitted to the box. Naturally, the LED underwater light cannot be controlled.

  • The battery in the remote control is out of power.

For the remote control to send a signal, it must have a power source from the battery. When the battery is dead, we need to replace the battery.

  • Too many obstacles.

There are too many obstacles between the remote control and the pool light controller box, such as walls and other devices. Which will affect the transmission of the remote control signal and cause the remote control to malfunction.

You can check whether your remote control has the above problems when the operation fails.

  1. Which pool light switch is the best to buy?

Some users may be worried about which swimming pool light switch to choose. Next, I will analyze which swimming pool light switch suits you?

You can choose the remote control if your pool is a lap pool with no more than 4 underwater pool lights (including 4). Suppose your swimming pool is relatively large and many underwater lights are installed. In that case, it is recommended that you choose a synchronous controller because it can connect more pool lights and simultaneously control the lights in the pool. Generally speaking, a controller with a maximum load power of 300w can handle about 15 swimming pool lights with a power of 15w.

I recommend using the sync controller with the remote and the WIFI controller to be safe. If one breaks or can’t be found, you have other pool light switches available.

When we choose a controller, we should also understand that in addition to the international DMX512 controller, the swimming pool light switches of different manufacturers will be different. Therefore, if you need to replace the swimming pool light or controller, you must confirm whether the new one matches the old one. Otherwise, the newly purchased swimming pool light switch will not work.

Suppose you have any needs for underwater pool light products. In that case, you can contact Waking, and we will provide you with the most cost-effective product solutions. That’s all for today.

Wish you a happy life!

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