How to Change a Pool light?

What would you do to pass the time on a hot summer day? Most of you would agree that swimming or playing water sports on a hot day is fantastic. At night, playing in a pool with color-changing pool lights and having a good time with your family is a lot of fun. Some of you may not know about pool light replacement if it doesn’t work. Don’t worry! We will propose a very easy way to do pool light replacement. And now, let’s see how to do pool light replacement.

Steps for pool light replacement:

At first, find out the burned-out pool light.

Step1. Drain some water to ensure enough activity space.

You don’t have to do this step, and it’s up to you. But if it’s your first time to do pool light replacement, we advise you to drain some water to ensure you have enough activity space. Why do we need to drain some water from the pool? First, there is a very huge resistance in the water. And when you replace a pool light, it’s harder to work in the water. So, if you decide to do pool light replacement by yourself instead of asking for a professional, you had better drain some water from the pool to work easily. At least the water line is lower than the pool light.

Step2. Turn off all the power.

Safety is our first priority. You must turn off all the power before the pool light replacement. First, find the circuit breaker box and press the ‘pool’ button. If there is no ‘pool’ button in your home’s circuit breaker box, try to find the circuit breaker that controls your pool. Generally, you can find it around your pool. And if you can’t find the two, you can shut down all the power of your home.
When all the power shuts down, you need to check if the power has been turned off by trying to switch on the pool lamps.
Don’t skip any of these steps! You can’t be too careful in this work.
turn off the pool power

Step3. Check the pool lights and wires.

To maintain or replace pool light on the ground. Generally, a 1-1.5 meter wire is reserved when installing underwater pool lights. So when you locate the broken lamp, you can pull it to the ground directly. The reason is the same as the above. Working in water is different from working on the ground. No matter detaching or installing the pool lights, it’s difficult. So, for success in pool light replacement, do this step on the ground.
turn off pool light

Then what, the next is to remove the pool light.

Step 4. Remove the pool light.

Detach the pool light from the pool light niche and pull it to the ground. Screw the lamp. If the pool light is old-fashioned, you may spend more time screwing the pool light. Be patient!

Finally, replace a new pool light.

Step5. Install a new pool light.

It’s the critical step of pool lights replacement. The irregular operation will lead to a severe impact. So, be cautious in every step for a safe pool light replacement.

Step6. Put the pool light back in the pool light niche.

Tighten the screws and turn on the power to check if it’s ok.
Congratulations! When you come to this step, all the jobs you need for pool light replacement are done. And enjoy the fantastic swimming pool.
turn on the pool light
1. Replace the pool light in time if the pool light fixture is badly damaged.
2. Ensure that all power is off before pool light replacement.
3. Be careful when detaching pool lights and avoid destroying the waterproof gasket.
4. Replace pool light with correct procedures.

Questions about pool light replacement you might be concerned about:

  1. How often do pool light replacements?

First, we need to know that Led lamps account for a large proportion of the lighting market. Low energy consumption, long lifetime, green, and environmental friendly make LED lights become the mainstream lamps.
Now I will take LED light as an example. From two aspects of the LED lighting principle, LED pool light waterproof function, to answer how often to do pool light replacement.
Using LED as a light source to make the lighting appliance is LED lamps. LED lighting is light-emitting diode lighting, a semiconductor light emitting device. It uses a solid semiconductor chip as luminous material in the semiconductor through the carrier compound to emit excess energy and cause photon emission, directly emitting red, yellow, blue, and green light. On this basis, using three primary color principles, adding phosphor can emit any color of light. LED lighting fixtures can be almost competent for any occasion. It is also perfect for swimming pool lighting because its small size allows for dynamic brightness and color control. LED pool lights can not only achieve the purpose of lighting but also can change various colors, to add a lot of fun to the evening entertainment life.
LED light sources are called the most long-lasting light, which means lights that never die out. The LED light uses epoxy resin to encapsulate, and its parts are fixed firmly. Therefore, LED lights have a longer life than ordinary lights.
As for the level of waterproofness, our LED pool lights adopt the highest waterproof standards in design, raw material selection, and production. So our products have reached the highest waterproof level. In addition to some external factors causing leakage, as long as reasonable use and avoiding damage, you don’t have to worry about leakage.
LED pool lights are durable. As long as we choose regular manufacturers and standardize the installment, the lamps are not easy to bad and can generally be used for about 50,000 hours.
  1. How do you maintain LED pool lights for a longer lifetime?

We know LED pool lights have a long lifetime. But what can we do to maintain it for a longer lifetime? Here are some tips for you!
  • Do a good job of waterproofing during installation. As a lamp used in water, how to waterproof it is a necessary problem to be solved for LED swimming pool lamps. Different manufacturers use different waterproof processes. There are two main waterproof processes for LED swimming pool lamps on the market, one is structural waterproof, and the other is full glue waterproof. Most people feel confused and fall into choice difficulty. Which of these two waterproof processes is better? What are the disadvantages? Now let’s have a look!
  • On cost, full glue waterproofing needs to pay more, such as glue pouring costs, labor, or machine glue pouring costs. In comparison, structural waterproofing does not need more.
  • On waterproof performance, the waterproof performance of both can reach the highest level of waterproof grade. But in fact, the full glue LED pool lights are better.
  • On heat dissipation, the waterproof LED swimming pool lamp filled with glue has good sealing performance, leading to the lack of heat dissipation. Therefore, if it is a hot spring pool, it is recommended to use structural waterproofing.
  • On production time, full glue pouring waterproofing requires glue pouring and solidification, and the process is more complicated, so the production time is longer. When customers customize lamps, if the project is urgent, they can customize structural waterproof LED pool lights. Everyone has their own preferences in appearance. Generally speaking, the surface of the LED pool lamp shade filled with glue is flatter. In contrast, the surface of the structural waterproof lamp will protrude slightly.
  • On maintenance, inconvenience to repair is an inevitable problem of full glue LED pool lamps. Because the internal components cannot be opened after encapsulation, so once damaged, they can only be replaced. In contrast, structural waterproof lamps can be repaired.
The two different waterproof methods both have their pros and cons. You can choose one after carefully considering your requirements.
Choose a compatible controller. Incompatible controllers will reduce the lifetime of pool lights. And most pool lights today can use Wi-Fi, remote, and external control. As long as you buy pool lights from a regular manufacturer, you will not worry about this problem.
Use matched voltage transformer. Pool lights have a lower voltage, different from common electrical appliances. So, remember to prepare a voltage transformer before installation or pool lights replacement.

3. Which products are most popular?

We specialize in pool light production and have rich experience in product design, manufacturing, and maintenance. So, you can trust us, and we certainly won’t disappoint you.
Here are 3 pool lights recommended for you.
These pool lights feature the arrangements of bulbs, which provide brighter lights at night swimming. It takes stainless steel as raw material, which avoids corrosion. Its lens adopts toughened glass and has good safety and good heat resistance. At the same time, it has a long life and gives you a wonderful experience. So, these three products can not only light your pool but also maximize the security of users.

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