LED Spotlight and Floodlight: What Is the Difference?

Are you looking for waterproof LED lights to decorate your swimming pool or landscape pool? Don’t know what light is best for your pool? Read this blog, and we will discuss the differences between LED spotlights and LED floodlights, give the full guide to buying waterproof LED lights, and give our professional advice about maintaining your LED lights. Now, let’s go for it!


LED spotlights and floodlights are highly popular because they bring great convenience for people and make landscapes more beautiful at the same time. LED spotlights are small, waterproof, and anti-dust. They have good heat dissipation and can stand high winds, heavy snow or rain, and other harsh weather, so they are used flexibly in many places. LED floodlights are designed with large beam angles to achieve a wide lighting range. This feature makes LED floodlights popular. They work like LED spotlights so that LED floodlights can work in harsh weather. Therefore, you can find LED floodlights everywhere, like construction sites, stadiums, factories, parks, and flower beds. Now, let’s dive into more about LED spot lights and floodlights.


What is an LED floodlight?

LED floodlights have wide angles, so they can light a wide area. With the growing technologies, materials used in LED floodlights are better than before. So the application range of LED floodlights is more comprehensive. Outdoor LED floodlights account for a big part of the market of outdoor LED lights. 

Building sites and factories are the most common places where LED floodlights are widely used. The appearance of LED floodlights highly improved working conditions. They have, to a large extent, guaranteed workers’ safety.

Besides factories and construction sites, many other places also need LED floodlights to light some areas. For example, you can use floodlights to light your billboard to make it stand out at night. Roads, tunnels, bridges, parks, etc., are also the applications of floodlights. Floodlights guarantee people’s safety and highlight the city. 

What is an LED Spotlight?

LED spotlight has narrow light which can light directly to a place or a person. Lighting emitted by LED spot light is bright and can light a special direction. 

Indoor LED spotlights refer mostly to those for stages. Outdoor spot lights have more application ranges than indoor LED spot lights. Because spot lights have good performance in a variety of respects, like their good waterproofness, anti-rust, etc. Therefore outdoor LED spotlights can work in terrible working conditions. Even if it is raining heavily or snowing, the outdoor spotlights can work. Similar to floodlights, spotlights also have a wide range of applications. Besides some common workplaces, they can be used for mine operations. And in some cities’ highways, you can see there are color-changing spot lights. When driving on the highway, drivers will be attracted by the changing lighting. By turning people’s attention to lighting, it can keep people’s brains active. This action will lower the accident rate on highways. From the listed examples, you will find that small lights can have a great effect. In many conditions, spot lights protect people and help people to avoid dangers.

The difference between LED floodlights and LED spotlight

The beam angle is the biggest difference between LED floodlights and LED spotlights. In the prior blog, we particularly discussed the beam angle in an LED light. The beam angle refers to the light distribution measurement. Generally speaking, the beam angle is the angle that a light emits lighting. There will be an angle formed at the boundary of a range of beam intensities. 

Usually, light spot and illuminance are the direct reflections of beam angle on the illuminated surface. The larger the beam angle, the lower the central light intensity, the larger the spot under the same conditions, and vice versa. Therefore, for highlighting a specific object, you can choose a small beam angle light; for basic illuminance, you should choose a large beam angle light, like LED floodlights.

What are good LED spotlights?

As a professional underwater LED light manufacturer, we are confident with our outdoor LED spotlights. So we will give professional advice to help you buy your LED outdoor spotlights. For spotlights, waterproofness and dustproof performance are very important. It would be better to buy spotlights that meet the IP68 standard. 

The materials of a spotlight are also an important factor in choosing good lights. At present, stainless steel is a popular material in the market for underwater LED lights. Today’s stainless steel has two main types: SS316 and SS304. SS304 spotlight is economical. It can save a great amount of money for you if you need bulk outdoor led spotlights. SS316 lights are higher than SS304 in price. However, SS316 lights have better corrosion resistance compared with SS304. 

SS304 and SS316 are both enough under ordinary usage. If you pursue more excellent performances, we highly recommend you choose SS316 LED spot lights.

For spotlights, a good light lens is also necessary. When you search for underwater lights on Amazon or Aliexpress, you will see there are tempered lenses and PC lenses. Tempered lenses and PC lenses both have good performances in heat or low-temperature resistance. They work well in other respects, such as corrosion, impact, and aging resistance. Hence, you can choose one of the two lens covers according to your preference.

Tips for maintaining LED spotlights

Our LED spotlights have a three-year warranty. We designed them for swimming pools or landscape pools. To be our customers, you wouldn’t worry about what you should do if the spotlight is damaged. Because we will provide full solutions for you. If there is damage, and you have no idea what you should do, just contact us. Our assistance will help you as soon as possible.

You can read on if you love to deal with it by yourself. We listed some tips for lasting your LED spotlights’ life.

First, do not let your spotlight lay idle for a long time. If you don’t need these spotlights now, it will be better to turn them on sometimes. Second, keep the spotlights clean. It is wise to keep your swimming pool clean and keep the area where you installed spotlights clean. If you do that, it will help you get more durable spotlights. Third, when there is damage, do not try to repair it by yourself if you are not totally familiar with LED lights. Asking a professional is the best way. Fourth, do not change the inside structures optionally. Fifth, do not often turn the lights on and off in a short time.

led spotlight manufacturer

Are you looking for an LED spotlight manufacturer?

There are so many LED spotlight manufacturers in the world. Hence it is hard to choose a reliable one. As a professional LED spotlight manufacturer, we would like to recommend ourselves to you! We are Waking company, a leading underwater LED light manufacturer and supplier from China. Our firm in Guangdong province, which has China’s main ports, has a big advantage in exporting business. 

We deliver your order on time and offer excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.

Our company’s outdoor and indoor LED lights are popular due to their high quality. All the spotlights meet the IP68 standard and other authoritative organizations’ certification standards, like ISO and CE.

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This blog discussed the difference between LED floodlights and LED spotlights. And it also gives many tips for choosing LED spotlights and a supplier. Keeping the tips in mind, you will find the right spotlights.

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