How to Make Beautiful Fountain Lighting with LED Fountain Lights?

A fountain is an artificial landscape. There will be fountains in consumer places with a high flow of consumer traffic, which are beautiful and may bring unexpected economic benefits. Especially now that the Internet is developed, people will share their lives through social media, such as ins, Tiktok, etc. Social media will push the post to those who may be interested, attracting some people to check in. Even it may become an internet-famous site, attracting countless people to come and play.
Now, let’s talk about how to create a beautiful fountain light show from the perspective of an underwater light manufacturer to attract more tourists.

lights for a fountain

This blog will give some suggestions for fountain light buyers, from the selection of lights for a fountain, the similarities and differences between underwater fountain lights and swimming pool lights, how to create gorgeous lighting for fountains, and the maintenance of LED lights for a fountain. Now, let’s get to the point!

The first is the definition of underwater fountain lights.

As the name suggests, Fountain lights are underwater lights for a fountain. Some parks, amusement parks, scenic spots, and squares with high consumer traffic will build fountains and even fountain theme parks. Therefore, the purpose of installing lights for a fountain is to illuminate the water flow and make the fountain more eye-catching at night. During the day, the water flow is higher or lower, bigger or smaller, with the rhythm of the music. When night falls, along with the music, the lights for a fountain illuminate the water flow into various colors, bringing visitors a visual feast.

Fountain lights VS Swimming pool lights

Like swimming pool lights, LED lights for a fountain have high requirements for waterproofing, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and other properties. Therefore, water fountain lights made of stainless steel shell, LED wick, and stainless steel glass cover are a good choice when purchasing lights for a fountain. The reasons are as follows: most LED fountain lights are installed on or embedded in the ground. There is still a part of the lamp body exposed on the floor, which may be stepped on by pedestrians. Stainless steel shell and stainless steel glass have high hardness and strong load-bearing capacity. In addition, the stainless steel casing is corrosion-resistant, so there is no need to worry about rusting in water.

Water fountain lights with LED wicks are chosen for longer life and more beautiful, rich light colors. LED lights last about 10 times longer than other lights. In addition to the advantage of long life, LED lights for a fountain have more colors and can emit light of various colors. And the color light of the LED lamp is better than other wick materials, and the color light is more accurate. The advantages of LED lights are very prominent, so at least at present, LED lights for a fountain are the best choice for users. More importantly, LED fountain lights are more power-efficient and environmentally friendly. For underwater fountain lights of the same power, the power consumption of LED lights is much lower than that of incandescent lights.

Similarities & Differences

Then there are the similarities and differences between LED fountain lights and pool lights. In terms of working principle, lights for a fountain, like pool lights, are LED lights that can be directly used underwater. They all have good water resistance. Considering the safety aspect. The underwater lights are all designed with low voltage, i.e., 12-24V. This low-voltage design makes the voltage of the underwater light much lower than the safe voltage of the human body, 36V, which can protect people’s safety to the greatest extent. Both underwater lights have the same mounting method: recessed or stand. However, pool lights can also be wall mounted, but fountain lights cannot. The difference between fountain lights and underwater pool lights is the shape. The pictures show that the fountain light is a circular design with an empty middle, while the pool light is a complete circle. Why is this?
The function of the fountain light is to illuminate the water column, so there will be a water outlet hole in the center of the fountain light to allow the water to flow out. Under the illumination of light, through the refraction of the water flow, the water flow of the fountain changes to different colors.
By now, we have learned some basics of lights for a fountain. Next, let’s talk about how to create a gorgeous fountain light.

Here are some tips for making beautiful fountain lighting!

beautiful fountain lighting

Appearance of underwater lights for a fountain

You must choose the right fountain light to create a gorgeous light show successfully. The focus of the fountain lighting show is the shape of the fountain and the color of the light. Therefore, we need to visually weaken the irrelevant things and highlight what we want to convey to the audience. Therefore, when purchasing LED fountain lights, we should choose those lamps that can be embedded in the ground. To create a visual effect of the water flowing like a flame, we should select a fountain lamp with a central water outlet when purchasing.

Colors of underwater fountain lights

Today, the technology of LED lights is very mature, and the color light is more diverse and accurate. For example, the lights for a fountain produced by our company can use the color ring to control the color and adjust the color and brightness by sliding the color ring. Therefore, we recommend customers choose LED fountain lights with richer colors and high quality within their budget. Although the price will be higher, the visual effect will be better. And the later costs of maintenance are lower.

Quantities of LED Fountain Light

The number of lights for a fountain should be a manageable amount. Most of the fountains are outdoor fountains. Only the outdoor night can the fountain lights shine. The outdoor fountain with lights is more charming. The number of outdoor fountain lights should consider the fountain area, surrounding environment, landscape, etc. For example, a large square is relatively empty, so several outdoor fountain lights can be installed to make the fountain lighting particularly conspicuous at night. Lighting for fountains design should echo the surrounding environment if it is a theme park or playground. We all know that all kinds of lights in theme parks and playgrounds can be seen everywhere. So the fountain lights should consider the experience of tourists, and the lights for a fountain should be used wisely.

Fountain shape design

The fountain show is a visual treat. Therefore, the composition should be fully considered in the process of fountain construction. Fountain shapes can be roughly divided into two categories:
Adapt to local conditions. Use the surrounding natural or artificial landscape to imitate the natural waterscape, such as waterfalls, streams, springs, etc. This fountain shape is often seen in parks, communities, and scenic spots.
Artificial landscaping. The shape of this type of fountain relies entirely on artificial design, such as musical fountains, swinging fountains, amusement fountains, running fountains, etc. Such large fountains are generally designed in large parks and large squares.
When designing the shape of the fountain, it can be set reasonably according to the site.

Choose the right music

A successful fountain light show also needs music to enhance the atmosphere. The combination of music and light shows brings an audio-visual feast to the audience. Fountain shape, music melody, and lighting are indispensable. The synchronous combination of fountain, melody, and lighting produces ever-changing waterscapes, reflecting the connotation and theme of the music. Arousing the audience’s contemplative and exciting emotions. A successful light show is achieved over many times of attempts. To pursue perfection, we should adjust the light frequency and color change according to the performance effect. Through continuous improvement, the changing frequency of lights, the size of the water flow, and the rhythm of the music are more matched to create a beautiful artistic feast.
Make the above five points, and you can create beautiful lighting for fountains.

fountain maintenance

But that’s not to say that installing the lights for a fountain and setting up the computer program is all over.

Beautiful fountain lighting requires long-term care and maintenance.

The following are some suggestions for the upkeep of fountain lights, come and learn.
1 The underwater lights of the fountain should be inspected monthly, and the loose screws should be tightened.
2 Regularly check the condition of the fountain light cable, check the aging condition, and avoid unnecessary losses.
3 Check the spray head to ensure the beauty and consistency of the water type of the fountain. It is necessary to check any time and reset the nozzles with varying angles. Be careful when resetting to avoid damaging the spray head with excessive force.
4 Regularly test electrical equipment. If maintenance is required, safety precautions should be taken.
5. The fountain nozzles and underwater lights are cleaned monthly to prevent dirt from clogging.

These are the suggestions for the daily maintenance of the fountain. Fountain maintenance is a long-term task that cannot be ignored.
Fountain lighting, modeling, and music complement each other and are indispensable. You must attach importance to every point if you want to make beautiful fountain lighting.

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