What is Beam Angle in LED Pool Lights?

In order to achieve the best lighting effect of swimming pool lights, there are many factors you need to consider. We all know considering the brightness and color temperature when choosing pool lights is important. It would be helpful to consider another important factor: the beam angle. Light beam Angle is a measure of the way light travels from the light source. And it is also an indicator to optimize the illumination of different spaces. It is critical for pool lighting projects to select the proper beam angle for LED pool lights.

So in this article, we’ll introduce what you need to know about beam angles to help you buy suitable pool lights for your swimming pool.

What is the beam angle in a pool light?

The light beam angle of swimming pool lights on the market is generally between 10°-160°. At present, the beam angle of WAKING swimming pool underwater lights is 15°/30°/45°/60°/90°/100°/120°/15×50°. But not every model is the lighting beam angle of the above arbitrarily. The difference in light beam angle is related to the light source as well as the product design.

The lighting beam angles of our pool lights which use an Epistar light source, are mostly 120°, and some unique designs can be with 100°. For example, HJ-RC-SS160S and HJ-RC-SS195S are made with a beam angle of 100°. 

However, for lights using high-power light sources (CREE/OSRAM) and after adding a different optical lens, the optional beam angles are 15°/30°/45°/60°. Among them, we designed lights with 90° and 15×50°. Such as HJ-RC-SS195K and HJ-RC-SS270K with 90° beam angle, and high-end products HJ-RC-SS200 and HJ-RC-SS280 can be made with 15×50°. Choosing the right beam angle can provide the right ambiance and visibility for your pool.

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Why is light beam angle so important?

The beam angle is the angle at which the light source or light emits the beam. That is, the angle formed by the beam at the boundary of a specific intensity range. Generally speaking, for a light source with the same power, the smaller the light beam angle, the more concentrated the light emitted and the stronger the central light. The greater the beam angle, the more divergent the light emits and the lower the central light intensity. That is to say, the narrow beam provides concentrated lighting. The illumination range is small, which is suitable for long-distance focusing lighting. The wide beam offers softer light for broad lighting at close range. Knowing how to use the beam angle correctly can greatly improve the lighting effect in the area to be illuminated. The right LED light beam angle helps to create the ideal environment and space atmosphere.

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How do you choose the right light beam angle?

When choosing the light beam angle of LED lights, most people’s main consideration is to ensure that the LED pool lights can light the space. In fact, when choosing the beam angle of the lighting, there are still some factors that we need to consider, including:

  • the type of pool
  • the quantity and layout of pool lights
  • the size of the pool
  • the type of lights
  • the performance you want to achieve

You can only find a more suitable LED light beam angle you choose by considering these factors.

For example, in the circular swimming pool below, the effect required by the customer is to focus on the central cylinder of the swimming pool. According to the size of the swimming pool and the illumination distance, we recommend customers use our WAKING lights HJ-RC-SS195H with a beam angle of 45 degrees to achieve the lighting effect desired by the customer.

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Now you have a preliminary understanding of the light beam angle of LED swimming pool lights. In the swimming pool design, we all need to choose LED lights with different beam angles according to the actual situation. We will recommend the most suitable LED swimming pool light according to your specific project and requirements. If you don’t know how to choose, you are welcome to contact us directly.

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