10 Pool Lighting Ideas to Make Your Pool Fantastic at Night

Fantastic pool lighting ideas make your pool charming and attractive at night. You can’t wait to swim when seeing such a fantastic swimming pool. For pool owners, do you want to design something to make your pool beautiful? No matter at day or night. However, do you have good pool lighting ideas? If you don’t know, read this blog, it will give you inspiration about great pool lighting ideas. This blog post lists 10 ideas to help you build attractive pool lighting. Now, let’s start!

pool light ideas

1 Design pool lighting

Swimming pool lighting is the most important among pool lighting ideas. If you don’t emphasize the swimming pool lighting, you can’t design successful nightscape lighting.
Installing led underwater pool lights is a good solution. First, you should determine the number of pool lights you need to install. Then, choose where the led pool lights are installed. Installed on the bottom or on the wall of the pool. Finishing the two questions, you need to choose led pool lights. There are different types of led pool lights. So, choose one or more pool lights according to your preference.
Because there are wall-mount and recessed led pool lights. So, attention, please! The pool bottom lights should be recessed led pool lights. Recessed led pool lights can avoid damaging underwater pool lights and guarantee people’s safety.
Now, it comes to led pool light colors. Most underwater led pool lights can light various colors. Users can adjust color and intense or dimmed lighting. While good pool lighting should match the surroundings. Therefore, choose the right light color for your swimming pool.

pool deck lighting ideas

2 Brighten the pool deck or patio

Pool Deck Lighting Ideas

You can install LED pool lights on the pool deck around the pool. It can illuminate the path and guide you. Besides, your swimming pool will look more excellent if you install particular color matching the surroundings. Take outdoor pool lighting ideas as an example. You can select yellow light lighting for pool deck lights. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the light yellow looks like moonlight illuminating you. Swimming in the ‘moonlight,’ you can enjoy a good time with your family. The second is the yellow light lighting will not make your eyes uncomfortable.

Pool Patio Lighting Ideas

Installing LED pool lighting for your patio is one of the clever swimming pool lighting ideas. It would be boring if only the swimming pool was illuminated. But if you add LED lights on your patio, it will look more harmonious to the pool and the surroundings.

strip pool lighting ideas

3 Hang LED Strip Lights

Hanging led strip lighting is one of the most popular backyard pool lighting ideas among young people. For those who pursue romantic style, it’s really an excellent pool lighting idea. After hanging LED strip lights, switch them on. At this moment, as if you are standing under the starry sky. Swimming in the starry sky is really an enjoyment. LED strip lights also make your swimming pool outstanding at night.

outdoor pool lighting ideas

4 Light plants and trees around the swimming pool

Using led floodlights, downlights, and spotlights is one of the wise pool lighting ideas. Lighting plants and trees will make your backyard richer and more attractive. The led floodlights or downlight help to illuminate the plants and trees overall. And the led spotlights can illuminate the particular plants or trees you want to highlight.
On silent summer nights, you not only enjoy swimming but the silence. Sitting in the chair, enjoying quiet time alone.


5 Place led floating pool lights in your pool

If there are children in your family, placing led floating pool lights is one of the best pool lighting ideas. You can find various shapes led floating pool lights, such as fruits, boats, and moon shape lights. If you place interesting shapes of floating pool lights in the pool, your children will be attracted by these lights. Children have an enormous curiosity about novel things. It’s beneficial for kids to develop new habits.

Landscape pool lighting ideas

6 Highlight the water features

This pool lighting idea is suitable for both family swimming pools and commercial swimming pools. Some people love to decorate their backyards. During the day, you can admire the water features. But what about the night? If you don’t light the water feature, it will reduce the swimming pool’s beauty. So, it’s vital to illuminate the water features, especially in tourist attractions. Nowadays, most people are willing to pay for tourism rather than another spending. If you spend more time designing your landscape pool, it may bring you a big surprise.
It is recommended to use a downlight or floodlight to light your pool. All this is to help viewers clearly see the water features and improve the experience of consumers.

outdoor pool light idea

7 Take full advantage of various lights: color-changing pool led lights, led fountain lights

Besides the led downlight, floodlight, floating pool light, etc., you can try other lights, such as color-changing pool led lights and led fountain lights.
If you want more unique pool lighting ideas, you can try this. You can divide your pool into several areas. Installing different colors of underwater led lights in other areas. Meanwhile, you can try to build a fountain if there is enough space. Charming fountain lighting and beautiful music must attract many people to check-in. No matter whether adults or children, they are all in favor of beautiful things.

8 Design a unique shape for your landscape pool and install led lights

When building a family swimming pool, some people have a lot of novel ideas. Take an example, a man who loves music built a guitar-shaped pool. He didn’t adopt the traditional rectangular pool shape but an unusual one. The Guitar pool will cost a little and is different from conventional pool shapes. A guitar-shaped pool is an excellent choice to try a new pool shape.
If it is a pool in a scenic spot, you must design a unique pool shape. The most common pool shapes are round pool shapes, multi-side pool shapes, and freeform pool shapes. Of course, it is not limited to the above pool shapes. It would be best if you matched the pool shape with the pool lighting, which integrates the picture. It will be better to think of more pool lighting ideas as much as possible.

9 Above-ground pool lighting ideas

Because the above-ground pool is above the ground by at least 1 meter, it’s necessary to install lights on the stairs to light for you. Installing lights on stairs not only renders the atmosphere but protects individuals. You can choose a warm light color for the stairs. There are two reasons why using a warm light color. First, a warm light color can drive a quiet ambiance. Second, warm light bulbs will not make you uncomfortable. Therefore, warm light bulbs should be your priority.
Installing lines of pool deck lights is another good pool light idea. Above ground pool deck is high, which provides you with enough space to install lines of lights. If you like freestyle, you can buy pool strip lights to do it yourself.


10 Try to use outdoor floor lights

Pool lights aren’t simply installed in the pool. You could buy some outdoor floor lights installed around the pool. The floor lights’ shape should be the same as the surrounding structures’ style. For example, classic floor lights suit tourist attractions with a long history. In amusement parks, it is right to use modern and fashionable standing lights. In the led light market, different types and shapes of outdoor floor light options are available. If you plan to install standing lights for your pool, don’t hesitate! It will not disappoint you!


The above-ground pool lighting ideas are the most common. That’s to say, they are applied to most pools. But during the process, you can add your own ideas to make your pool perfect.
Finally, I hope you will build perfect lighting for your pool. If you have any problems, you can ask us. We are willing to answer your question.

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