GZ Waking Pool Light Co., Ltd.

GZ Waking Pool Light Co., Ltd. is an internationally recognized professional manufacturer of underwater LED lighting systems, integrating R&D, production and sales as well.

With excellent quality and good reputation, the company has been rated as one of “the most influential brands”, “outstanding brands” and “excellent growth brands” by the professional authority China Pool SPA Alliance for several years. Its domain brand value ranks in the top three in China pool light industry.


WAKING OEM for more than 40% of the well-known brands in the industry. As a leading manufacturer in underwater LED lighting, the company produces products in strict accordance with EU manufacturing standards.

Nigeria Home Swimming Pool Lighting

Qatar Landscape Project Lighting

Thailand Resort Pool Lighting

Singapore Home Swimming Pool Lighting

Customer Reviews

I had a lot of questions about which light to get and was given very good advice. The lights I have received came quicker than expected and are very well made. Very happy with my purchase!


Thank you for the information! Right now you prove to me that Waking is somehow totally different from the others, recently due to urgently of the requirements I ordered few units to another “claimed” quality control and high standard company for pool lighting, but now, I’m really disappointed. You are right, they are not consistent to the body /housing they are using.


Jacky was very helpful and easy to deal with and communication was also very good and simple. I would not even think of dealing with another company when it


My order was completed by Jerry, who was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Would definitely order again. The product is not installed as yet, but looks great.