GZ Waking Pool Light Co., Ltd. is a professional and leading LED underwater pool lighting system manufacturer integrating R&D, production, and sales. It has the top production R&D technology in the industry and has accumulated rich manufacturing experience. Waking’s main products are suitable for swimming pools, hot spring pools, SPA, waterscape pools, fountain and waterscape lighting, etc.

Our vision is “Gain brilliance to everyone.” And our aim is to be an expert in providing solutions to smart swimming pool lighting, smart hot spring pool lighting, smart SPA lighting, smart fountain lighting, etc.

Waking’s main markets include Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. We are dedicated to providing every customer with innovative designs, reliable products, and high-quality services, so everyone can enjoy a glorious life.

We have an experienced R&D team that applies all the latest technologies to the company’s new products to realize product intelligence. The self-developed WiFi intelligent control lighting system is suitable for any portable device, such as a mobile phone or iPad to control the lighting system. We pay attention to the experience of every user and provide world-class underwater lighting solutions. All underwater pool lights adopt safe voltage and carry out production in accordance with the IP68 waterproof rating standard.

GZ Waking Pool Light Co., Ltd. sincerely invites customers from all over the world to cooperate and create a better future together!

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Strict Quality Inspection

The performance, reliability and longevity of LED underwater pool lights are largely determined by the quality of their components. Therefore, every raw material we receive is inspected and approved before being used in production.

We prohibit using sulfur, chlorine and bromine when purchasing raw materials and accessories for LED underwater pool lights, such as power supplies, PCB boards, and aluminum heat sinks. This helps prevent pool underwater lights decay or corroding.

Any material that does not meet our standards is clearly marked and rejected to guarantee the performance of LED pool underwater lighting products.

Monthly Quality Control Management Meeting

Drawing up plans and determining the standards for the underwater pool light products. Quality management is our routine. We lay out the metrics used to measure underwater led pool light quality. We hold a monthly meeting to determine if the Led pool light conforms to the quality specifications in the quality management plan.

Packing Inspection and Record

Packing quality control is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved. Ensuring our Led pool light quality meets the International standard, we have carried out a production and QC process to reduce defective. That ensures power-saving LED products that last longer and won’t deliver unmatched lighting or accessories.

Light Testing

The LED Light testing helps run various tests, including electrical performance, photometric, and color tests. The above testing plays a crucial role in ensuring quality LED lights that help us deliver the best lighting solutions to our global LED pool light clients. Have a look and better understand our LED pool light testing process.

Integrating Sphere Testing

Brightness, color, and efficiency values of the light source are measured with the help of an integrated sphere. A spectroradiometer and calculation software should be used with the integrated sphere. The operator placed the Led lighting products into the integrated sphere and observed the results by computer interface. The report includes LED power consumption, power factor, light output, color temperature, and color rendering index.

Aging Test

LED pool light bulbs and lighting fixtures delivered without aging test put customers at risk of faulty LED products. That’s why our LED underwater pool lights provide 12 hours of aging test on the light source; 12 hours of aging test on IC, capacitor, resistor, and aging leakage.

Strict Lighting Test

WAKING adopts a series of standard processes and tests to ensure that our products are intelligently controlled and durable while providing users with quality lighting. Integrating Sphere Inspection: This test equipment is used to check the quality of our underwater pool lights for various testing, including photometric and color parameters, etc.

IES Photometric Test: This test equipment is used to check the quality of our underwater pool lights and conduct various tests, including photometric parameter testing, color parameter testing, etc.

Water pressure test: Each underwater light will undergo a strict water pressure test before leaving the factory to ensure that each light is qualified.

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Realizing Your Fantastic LED underwater Pool Light Projects

As China’s top LED underwater pool lights supplier, Waking provides innovative lighting solutions to all your underwater pool projects, be it residential or commercial, or even industrial. Need waterproof LED pool lights? Or customize LED underwater lights for your project design? Waking can help you light up all your pools. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of these creative LED pool light projects we’ve helped our customers achieve.

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Strict Production Control

Technical Proficiency

As a professional LED underwater pool lights manufacturing company in China, we understand your lighting needs and deliver them proficiently. All of our products are produced in strict accordance with international first-class standards.

Quality Control

At Waking, we take quality very seriously. Our experts in quality control checks throughout the LED pool lights manufacturing process. This enables us to deliver products with a failure rate of under 0.5%.

Excellent Service

Customer Satisfaction

As a professional LED pool light supplier, satisfying our customer’s needs is our number one priority. Our team of experts is always available to listen to your unique lighting needs and advise effective solutions accordingly. If you can’t find a LED pool light that suits your needs, we can design one specifically for you.


At Waking, our relationship with customers doesn’t end at the successful delivery of LED products. In fact, that is just the beginning. We believe in building lasting relationships so that whenever you have a need for customized pool lights underwater, you think of the most reliable LED pool light supplier based in China, Waking. We follow up with our clients periodically to check if their LED underwater pool lights are functioning as promised.