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      Nowadays, people's movements are more and more popular. Swimming is one of the most popular forms of sport and entertainment. This, of course, is what makes the pool go into view. However, the swimming pool scale is not only deciding its size, but its equipment is also the main factor. One of the most important equipment of the swimming pool is the lamp. Today, we introduce the basic knowledge of swimming pool!

       First of all, lighting your pool will allow you to take full advantage of your pool both day and night.  Many folks find night swimming a wonderful experience, but it’s simply not the same without ambiance of the reflective light that an underwater light provides.  Lighting your inground pool also allows peace of mind when watching little ones swim after dark as it adds better visibility throughout the entire pool.  

      How many lights does a pool need? This is based on the size of the pool and the power of lights. The price of WAKING lamp is between USD45 to USD70 per pieces.   

      The only required maintenance for any pool light is bulb replacement. It is designed to be used only once, meaning that replacement is necessary if it becomes defective. The repairing is impossible.    

       Are you worried about electric shock in the pool? Of course not. Our lights are low pressure 12V.So long as they are installed according to manufacturer's specifications and compliant with local building codes. So, just enjoy the pool time. 

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