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Over the years, society has improved and people's living standards have improved .Now that the more private pools are built, which type of pool is right for you? Let's compare the differences between concrete pools and vinyl liner pools.

Concrete Pool Construction

Concrete has a very high compressive strength, meaning it is resistant to crushing forces.  However, it has a relatively low tensile strength, meaning it doesn’t naturally flex or bend very well. First, adding steel to concrete structures, A cage of steel bars, also called rebar, is tied together and eventually encased in the concrete shell creating a web of strength and help prevent structural failure.. Before the concrete shell is placed, the pipe needed to circulate the pool water is installed. By this point, your project has likely been underway for several days to two weeks and now it’s time for the pool shell to take shape. And then, fill in concrete and waterproofing their pool shells. The next step is to make the surface of your pool look different - Tile and Coping.

Average Concrete Pool Construction Time Frame: 3-6 months.

Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

Construct a vinyl liner pool you need to dig a hold, too. Vinyl liner pool walls are composed of a series of panels made of either steel, plastic, or aluminum.  These panels are bolted together and secured with braces for support. First, assemble the wall panel. During assembly of the wall panels, any plastic or fiberglass steps or “buddy seats” are installed as well. After assembly of the perimeter wall panels is complete, plumbing is installed around the perimeter of the pool and to the pump and filter system. Now it's time to install the liner. The top of the liner has a “bead” that inserts into a track which is mounted to the top of the wall panels.  The liner is placed into the pool, “snapped” into place, then form-fitted to the shape of the pool using a vacuum to remove the air behind the liner.

Average Vinyl Liner Pool Construction Time Frame: 4-8 weeks.

See, the construction of the vinyl liner pool time is short and the process is environmentally friendly. At night, will you consider adding color to your pool? Wall mounted LED resin filled pool light, emitting color is RGBW. If you are interesting, please click the link and learn more.



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