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What is the difference between Cree and BridgeLux?

   Cree and BridgeLux Chips, the guarantee for quality in LED lights. If you are only interested in LED lights as a consumer, you might have wondered what Cree and BridgeLux mean in the names of various lights. These two are obviously brand names represent particularly to indicate the quality of the light, as these two names are two of the best quality manufacturers of LEDs and LED chips in the world.

  LED chips guarantee that the light will have a great brilliance and long lifespan. CREE chip using carbon silicon substrate, the direction of current flow is vertical, withstanding high current and high temperature. LED chips is high brightness, good antistatic effect. It is the industry to do the best.

  BridgeLux manufactures leading-edge, high-power light emitting diode (LED) chips. These chips are the basis for all LED lighting products for general lighting. The BridgeLux LED array products deliver high performance, compact and cost effective solid-state lighting solutions. Product options are tailored to match light output levels of many conventional light sources, delivering between 240 and 8000 lumens under normal operating conditions they are available in Daylight(Cool) & Warm white colours. These compact high flux density light sources deliver both quantity and quality of light required to displace conventional light sources, while delivering higher efficiency and longer service life. BridgeLux uses a sapphire substrate, the direction of current flow is level, the process is easy to control, price is lower than CREE. Compared to the CREE chip performance is a little bit worse.

WAKING® Lighting, leading direct-to-professional manufacturer of underwater lighting products, HJ6006K use CREE LED is a recessed LED pool light. Compatible with vinyl pools and concrete pools, electrolyzed stainless steel lamp body, better anti-corrosion performance. Adopt tempered glass lens, high brightness.

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