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What do you know about LED Light Attenuation

The official website has been built for almost a year or so, and sometimes I post some boring pictures and articles. However, Sorry for that I rarely published any high quality articles in the field of pool lights. Waking has been in pool lights for almost 10 years, it may be still a small manufacturer but we also have some experience and knowledge about pool lights to share.

Refered to lights attenuation, you may have something to say. And today I wanna share something I know, and tell you why LED lights attenuation exit, and whether LED lights can really exist zero attenuation or not.

White LED lights have been used in the lighting field for some years, including flashlight and some lighting fixtures. Friends who Used LED flashlight should have an experience that the brightness of the flashlight is not as big as before after a period of time. When the brightness dropped to a certain value, and it's bright,but light effect is not available. What is the long life of LED lights? This is a problem we have been discussing, there are a lot of people online posting argument LED lamp theory life of 8-10 million hours, this data is no practical basis for it. The answer is yes, but this is the theoretical data generated in the laboratory, a lot of practical factors are not taken into account. Such as LED in the practical application of many factors will directly affect the effective life of the LED directly, including the LED chip quality, packaging technology, application materials, thermal design, application temperature and ambient temperature, voltage and current stability Sex and other factors will be related to the effective light source LED life.

Light attenuation is related to effective light source lifespan.About how to define the light failure, the next time I will give a detailed solution to light attenuation.

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